Digital center ‘Arena of IoT’

Eintracht‘s IoT center at Deutsche Bank Park

The digital center „Arena of IoT" was launched by EintrachtTech with the aim of developing ‘Internet of Things’ solutions alongside its industry and research partners in the fields of smart stadiums, facility management, energy management, logistics and mobility, among others, for market application.

Eintracht Frankfurt sees itself not only as a sports and professional football club: through EintrachtTech, it plays an active role as the region’s driving force in the field of digitalisation. Eintracht’s stadium is the ideal place to test sustainable IoT solutions for use in the market. There is no other place in the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region where so many people congregate in a restricted space at a specific time – at Eintracht games or at concerts – than at the Deutsche Bank Park. Industrial digital applications that operate in such an environment also work at all transport hubs, shopping centers and public spaces with the right bandwidth.


As part of the ‘Arena of IoT’ digital center, practice-oriented IoT use cases are deployed across a variety of innovation sectors:

Smart Stadium

The ‘smart stadium’ sector focuses, among other things, on creating ‘Digital Twins’ of the stadium and its surrounding premises. Displaying the stadium in 3D models and via dashboards not only makes it possible to simulate adjustments to stadium operations, but also navigate the virtual world.


Multimodal and interconnected mobility on arrival to and departure from the stadium, as well as the integration of public and private transport, is at the forefront of the mobility sector, which deals with the use of autonomous vehicles on the stadium premises – with the eventual aim of parking such vehicles outside the stadium.

Facility Management

Facility management focuses on the intelligent networking of objects and automation of processes in the administration and management of the stadium premises. These projects include on-demand irrigation of green areas and playing fields, ‘smart cleaning’ solutions and intelligent waste disposal.

Energy management

This innovation sector focuses on projects relating to efficient energy use, with the aim of saving costs and improving the stadium’s CO2 footprint. This also includes demand-based management of lighting in and around the stadium.

Playing field

On matchdays in particular, the action on the pitch takes center stage. Projects in this area of innovation focus on improving matchday services, such as the virtual stadium tour.


Logistical procedures in and around the stadium can be improved through the use of cargo robots and drones. A digital queue management tool simultaneously updates visitors on current waiting times and reduces these at entrances, toilets and stalls.


The issue of security plays a particularly important role during major events. Projects in this innovation sector therefore focus on controlling the flow of supporters in emergencies, the status of security-related access points and operational readiness of rescue facilities.

Visitor flow control

This innovation sector involves the implementation of visitor flow control projects in and around the Deutsche Bank Park. With the help of digital signposts and its own mobile app, it also facilitates navigation both outside and inside the stadium.
If you have come across any topics of interest for your company, please feel free to send us a concrete project proposal – including a project description and the added value for the ‘Arena of IoT’:

Important: A finished product or service is no prerequisite for participation. Eintracht Frankfurt has its own IoT specialists within the framework of the ‘Arena of IoT’ digital center who come up with, define, implement and undertake projects alongside partners. For partners, the key attributes are innovation and drive, the willingness to invest in joint research projects and the desire to help create a beacon for the Hessian economy.