Eintracht Frankfurt’s Digital Subsidiary

All strategic digital projects at Eintracht Frankfurt are bundled in the clubs 100%-subsidiary EintrachtTech Ltd., responsible for the internal digital professionalization and the development of new digital business models that reach far beyond the stadium borders. EintrachtTech plays a central role in securing the club’s present and future financial independence and growth potential using a holistic and far-reaching approach.

In a first phase, EintrachtTech started with the introduction of a proprietary platform. This created a central, secure environment in which Eintracht's current and future digital services are united. An environment that provides a secure home for all fan and customer data, while at the same time ensuring independence from large technology firms and guaranteeing the company's own data sovereignty.

The guiding principle: we want to make our fans' interactions easier, faster and better—but not at any price. Data protection and the relationship with our fans are the focus and are fundamental to all products and services, starting at the club and extending beyond the stadium to the entire region.

Furthermore, our digital strategy is characterized by a holistic and far-reaching approach that is unique in the Bundesliga. It starts at the club and extends beyond the stadium to the entire region.

From the club to the region – Eintracht at the digital center

Eintracht Frankfurt is a living, emotive point of reference for many people in the region. By developing our own in-house platform, we will not only offer our fans services in the context of Eintracht, but also create relevant added value for their everyday life in the region beyond the stadium visit, together with strong regional and international partners.

EintrachtTech – Opening up new business areas with innovative approaches

In addition to setting up its proprietary platform and developing digital business models, EintrachtTech is responsible for the digitalisation of Deutsche Bank Park and the development of the "Arena of IoT" digital center. Furthermore, EintrachtTech GmbH is responsible for Eintracht's esports activities as well as all technology collaborations in the start-up and university sector.