Youth Academy

The Dream of becoming a Professional Footballer.

Every footballer’s career started in childhood, yet being gifted and talented alone is not enough these days to compete at the highest level and make the dream of becoming a professional footballer come true. Aside from skill and talent, there is another major factor that is essential: professional training and coaching from the early days onwards.

In Eintracht Frankfurt's youth system, effective and qualified training is carried out by full-time coaches, with the organisational backing of further employees looking after the administration side. What is more, around 50 volunteers are involved in supporting the various teams, as coaches and carers. This concept is carried out from the very young teams ('F youth' - children between 7-8 years old) through to Eintracht’s second team (amateur level).

The goal of the sporting education provided is to train young players starting from the basics, through their development and up to high-performance levels, for them to meet both the sporting and non-sporting demands of professional football.

A state-of-the-art training centre was built within the club's sports facilities and 'Riederwald' headquarters.

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