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The Frankfurt fan scene – genuine, creative and colourful, home and away!

The Eintracht Frankfurt fan scene is reputed as being one of the most atmospheric and imaginative in Germany. When you look back at Eintracht’s storied history, you soon realise that the fans have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions over the years. And yet there are always there, supporting Eintracht come rain or shine, all around Europe and beyond, sticking by them through thick and thin. For them, Eintracht is a matter of life and death: “Full of passion, joy, frustration, sadness, craziness, unpredictability and sheer magic“.

Fan clubs

If you would like your fan club to be published here, please ensure that you abide by the rules set out in the application, which you should fill in and send to us by E-Mail.

Fan liaison officers

Marc Francis
Fan liaison officer
Clemens Schäfer
Fan liaison officer / Handicapped fan liaison officer
Andi Roth
Fan liaison officer
Julian Schneider
Fan liaison officer
Nadine Krämer
Fan liaison officer

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