Youth Academy

Every footballer’s career started in childhood, yet being gifted and talented alone is not enough these days to realise the dream of succeeding in the professional game. Apart from skill and natural talent, another major factor is essential: professional coaching from a young age.

In Eintracht Frankfurt’s youth system, youngsters are exposed to effective and qualified coaching from the Under-10s through to the Under-19s. Over 70 full-time and voluntary coaches, support staff and employees are involved in supporting the various teams behind the scenes and on the pitch. The objective of this sporting education is to guide young players through the foundation, development and performance levels in a manner that allows them to meet both the sporting and non-sporting demands of modern professional football.


Andreas Möller
Youth academy director

Eintracht Frankfurt e. V.
Alfred-Pfaff-Straße 1
60386 Frankfurt/Main

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