JOBLINGE – Joining forces to address youth unemployment

Many young people dream of becoming professional footballers, but the competition is fierce and not everyone succeeds in making that final leap into the professional game. The combination of football and academic studies is one of our youth academy’s fundamental principles – as such, a thorough education is compulsory. Through our partnership with the JOBLINGE initiative, our commitment to education is expanded to include vocational training.

What to do after graduating from school? That is the burning question on the lips of many young people in the transitional phase between education and employment – including our talented youngsters. Since 2015, JOBLINGE has been helping current and former youth players develop and enhance their career prospects by finding part-time work or a place on an apprenticeship programme to go alongside their football commitments.

Support for young players

One of the main advantages of the partnership is the provision of holistic support. This offers players security and stability in their everyday lives, which in turn has a positive impact on their personality development. Parents can also rest assured that their children are left in the best possible hands, as we guide them through their academic and vocational education.

JOBLINGE is a non-profit initiative of The Boston Consulting Group and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG. It combines the efforts of numerous partners from the world of business, politics and society to help support young people as they take their first steps in the professional world.

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