Fair Play Forum

‘NO! To Discrimination and Violence’

In ancient Rome, a forum was a marketplace where people met to exchange ideas, among other things. The aim of the ‘Fair Play Forum of Hessian Football’ is to provide people with an opportunity to discuss the hottest topics in football.

The forum was initiated by the Hessian Football Association (HFV), which underlined its commitment to social responsibility by establishing and supporting the Hessian Football Social Foundation (SHF). The foundation is responsible for implementing and promoting social initiatives in football, in particular measures to prevent violence and encourage integration and fairness. It also gave rise to the Fair Play Forum, which – as the name suggests – combines the efforts of the Hessian Football Social Foundation and the Hessian Football Association.

The Fair Play Forum is supported by prominent figures in the football community. They carry the message ‘NO! To Discrimination and Violence’ and stand up for fair play on and off the pitch. Chief among them is Armin Kraaz, who took over the development of football academy and sporting cooperation projects at Eintracht in 2019. His message is clear: "For me, there is no alternative to fair play in sport."

Kraaz's commitment goes far beyond that of an ordinary ambassador. As well as being a member of the foundation’s advisory board and supervisory group, he has also been acting as chairman of the integration and violence prevention commission (KIG) since last year. He is supported by other campaign partners in the form of clubs and institutions, all of whom are committed to promoting fair play in Hessian football.

Only those who take part in a corresponding workshop and sign a declaration of commitment can become partners. Players of participating clubs also wear the campaign title on the sleeves of their shirts. The purpose of participation is therefore two-fold: It not only allows our youth and senior teams to tackle the subject internally, they also get to display their commitment to fair play in public.

The workshops focus on two central themes:

  • Preventive measures against violence in football
  • Integration, especially of migrants

As a partner, Eintracht Frankfurt addresses these issues head-on and assumes social responsibility – which is a matter of course for a club as cosmopolitan, tolerant and multicultural as ours. Our players benefit from it and learn to treat each other, as well as opponents and referees in a fair and democratic way. The ultimate goal is to prevent discrimination and violence, because if we succeed, intervention – e.g. in sports tribunals – will be a thing of the past.

Football will always be a physical and emotional sport, but we must never lose sight of fair play – both on and off the pitch. That’s what we’re fighting for.

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