Eintracht Frankfurt
Legends Team

Managed by Eintracht legend Karl-Heinz "Charly" Körbel

Watching this team is a joyful trip down memory lane. They might be not as fast or as fit as they used to be in their heydays, but they still know how to play. The Eintracht Frankfurt All-Star Team includes some of the biggest names in the club’s history and attracts football fans all around Germany.

Coached by Eintracht legends Karl-Heinz "Charly" Körbel and Uwe Müller, the squad receives a large number of requests and bookings. Former great players such as Bernd Hölzenbein, Uli Stein, Norbert Nachtweih, Alexander Schur, Ronald Borchers, Ralf Weber, Uwe Bindewald, Manfred Binz and many more form part of the squad.

The skill level and structure of their opponents differ but, whether they are facing former Bundesliga teams, local clubs, medics playing for charity or teams of fans, the All Stars know how to bring their old magic and pedigree back onto the pitch. They’re still competitive and do want to win – especially when they’re against former league rivals. That said, the main objectives are fun and fair play – for example a youth team with an average age of 15 might not be subject to the full power of these Eintracht ‘old boys’…

‘Bundesliga Retro Football’ is proving very popular and great fun for fans and visitors. Check out a few photos and a squad list in this section. If you would like to find out more, please check the contact details.

3rd: Lothar Sippel, Frank Gerster, Uwe Bindewald, Cezary Tobollik, Thomas Lasser, Daniyel Cimen, Uwe Müller, Claus-Peter Zick, Michael Fink, Christoph Preuß, Andree Wiedener.2nd row: Clemens Appel (Organisation), Thomas Sobotzik, Manfred Binz, Ronald Borchers, Slobodan Komljenovic, Wolfgang Trapp, Harald Krämer, Jürgen Mohr, Karl-Heinz Körbel, Dietmar Roth, Andre Scholz (Physio).1st row: Uwe Bein, Oscar Corrochano, Ervin Skela, Thomas Zampach, Joachim Jüriens, Hans-Peter Steinle, Norbert Nachtweih, Patrick Falk, Sascha Amstätter, Matthias Dworschak

Address / Contact

Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG
- All Star Team -
Mörfelder Landstraße 362
60528 Frankfurt

Phone: +40 (0) 171 - 22623 12
Fax: +49 (0) 69 - 95503 - 128

E-Mail: c.appel(at)eintrachtfrankfurt.de
Website: www.eintracht.de

Director: Karl-Heinz Körbel
Contact for bookings: Clemens Appel, Uwe Müller

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