Museum Visits

Important information Museum events

Regular tours cannot be carried out at the moment, but it is nevertheless possible to visit the Museum and even have a look around the stadium.

Eintracht in 90 minutes

On Sundays when there are no home games and other selected dates, the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum team will be pleased to take you on a public tour. The first half will see a short guided tour through the storied history of the club, featuring plenty of entertaining anecdotes. After the half-time break, you will be treated to an exclusive look behind the scenes in the stadium.

  • €9.00, concessions: €7.00

Night at the Museum/Stadium

Enjoy and/or gift a fun Friday evening! On Fridays when there are no home games, you can come on your own or with friends to enjoy an unparalleled experience, the like of which you can otherwise only get at the cinema. After a short tour featuring all sorts of curious tales from Eintracht’s past, plus a glass of sparkling wine, beer or apple juice, you will then be treated to an exclusive look behind the scenes in the stadium at night, with no-one else around.

  • €15.00, concessions: €12.00

Matchday tours

Are you planning to attend an Eintracht home game and already have your tickets? Make the most of the matchday by adding in a tour of the stadium before all the action starts. While tens of thousands of fans are waiting outside the gates, you can get an exclusive look behind the scenes at a World Cup stadium. Fans of the away team are of course more than welcome as well.

  • €15.00, concessions: €12.00

This tour is unfortunately not available at the moment.

Historic tour of the stadium complex

When the stadium was built in Frankfurt in 1925, the city created an area that was so much more than just a sports ground. The complex comprised the main arena, a velodrome, a swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnastics fields and a theatre in the forest. A walk around the stadium area will give us the chance to tell you all about the world championships, motor-paced races, music concerts and cultural events that have been held over the years in the Frankfurt Stadtwald area.

Tour of the city: Following in the footsteps of Eintracht

Eintracht are at home in the stadium and the Riederwald district, but in the city itself, there are also countless locations with Eintracht links. Take a walk with us around the city as we show you the Oeder Weg gym and the business that was run by the club’s founder Albert Pohlenk, as well as Richard Kress’ pharmacy in the Oeder Weg, Alfred Pfaff’s pub on the Hauptwache and the incredible celebrations that took place on the Frankfurt Römerberg.

Group tours

Be it for school groups, fan clubs or local sports associations, we have exclusive tours around the Museum and stadium available at any time for groups who book in advance. The Eintracht Frankfurt Museum can also offer tours tailored to specific points of interest, again for those who book in advance.

Evening tours

Whether it is for a group excursion or even wedding celebrations, if you would like to enjoy the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum in the peace and quiet of the evening or show your loved ones the stadium at night, then we have the tours for you, outside of regular opening hours.

Schools and museum-based learning

For schools from primary through to advanced upper secondary, the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum offers a whole host of museum-based themes aimed at solution-focused learning.

Primary school pupils can work on comparing and contrasting the beginnings of football in Germany and modern-day professional sport, identifying the various social issues and living conditions in the city of old and its modern counterpart. The children will be able to look at and touch the boots, balls and jerseys that their great-grandfathers used to play football, learn about why Eintracht did not have a shirt sponsor for over 70 years and why the emblem of the club is an eagle and not a goldfish. The "World XI" section will also show the kids that the “Frankfurt lads” were actually very much global citizens.

For middle and secondary school students, the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum can provide special tours or workshops, either as part of project weeks or in conjunction with history or politics classes, on the following subjects: “A footballing god on the hallowed turf – football and religion”, “Muck, steel and red cards – football a century ago“, “Eintracht World XI – where the Frankfurt lads really came from“, “Jewish boys and Frankfurt players – football during the Nazi era”, “Terrace topics – football and violence”.

  • €7.00, minimum cost: €90.00

Kids’ Museum quiz

Children can get to know the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum through a museum quiz. The exercises will get the kids to take an in-depth look at the objects on display.

Children’s birthday parties

Junior Eagles between the ages of seven and 14 can invite their friends along to a birthday party in a very special venue. After a special kids’ tour through Eintracht’s glory days and a game of table-top football, the birthday guests will be able to get their fill of sausages and drinks before moving onto the real highlight. The kids will be given a behind-the-scenes tour of the stadium and, to mark the special occasion, get to visit areas that usually are reserved for the pros. And as is only fitting, the birthday boy or girl will get a present to take home with them.

  • €16.50 / person, minimum number of participants: six children, one adult.

Meetings and celebrations

Hire out the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum

With its modern lighting and sound equipment and large screen, the 150 square metre foyer of the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum is the ideal location for corporate events, work excursions, receptions and private gatherings. We can help you to organise and plan your own personal event at the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum and give you an individual quote tailored to your requirements. For all events, the Museum can only be booked as part of a cultural programme.

Eintracht Frankfurt Museum birthday parties

Young and old alike can celebrate their birthday at the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum. Send out the invitations for your own birthday, or surprise someone on their big day with a visit to Eintracht. The Eintracht Frankfurt Museum will of course suggest various ways of personalising the event and making it an unforgettable day for the birthday boy or girl. For example, this could include spiriting the league trophy or the DFB Cup out of the exhibition for a very special birthday photo. Or totally out of the blue, a former Eintracht player might just join the group and give you all an exclusive insight into his career.

  • €9.00, concessions: €7.00. Minimum cost: €90.00. Supplement for league or cup trophy: €100.00. Former player: €200.00.
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