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The Eintracht Frankfurt Museum is located in the ‘Deutsche Bank Park’ stadium, on the ground floor of the main stand where, in a space spanning 400 m², visitors can delve deep into the club’s history. Around 300 original items and pieces  reinforce the stories and anecdotes that have coloured Eintracht’s long history, helping recall major successes and tragic defeats, the long-gone venues and the unforgettable stars.

Some of the most valuable original pieces include the club’s certificate of foundation from 1899, the ball from the legendary 1960 European Cup final vs. Real Madrid and, of course, the trophies that Eintracht have won throughout its history.

As well as Eintracht Frankfurt, the history of the city of Frankfurt and the county Hessen is also part of the exhibition. Exclusive colour-film footage of the stadium and the club’s headquarters ‘Riederwald’, made by an amateur filmmaker in the 1950s, is shown at the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum - amongst other classic footage.

Eintracht Frankfurt can point to a rich pedigree, not only in Germany but also internationally. Their great successes of the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s - both at home and abroad - have turned The Eagles into a household name in world football. This brochure reflects Eintracht’s international history - the away trips, the games in European competitions, the classic encounters and its glorious past and present.


Address / Contact

Eintracht Frankfurt Museum
Deutsche Bank Park / main stand
Mörfelder Landstraße 362
60528 Frankfurt

Phone: +49 (0) - 69 -95503 - 275 

E-Mail: info(at)eintracht-frankfurt-museum.de
Website: museum.eintracht.de (German)

Director: Matthias Thoma

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