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Eintracht legend Charly Körbel is living proof that talent, hard work, passion and the right attitude are ideal footballing fundamentals. His all-time record of 602 Bundesliga appearances (all of them for Frankfurt!) will perhaps never be broken while, after finishing his Bundesliga career as a player and coach, he returned to Eintracht as an advisor to the board. Among the many ideas and aims he had was developing the concept for the Eintracht Football Academy. He was then able to attract some sponsors to the idea and it was not long before it was founded (in 2001).

In this way he made his greatest dream come true: giving youngsters a meaningful outlet for their leisure time and also discovering and developing talents early on. The children involved also benefit from the enjoyable experience that is attending the academy: developing their skills, training their tactical knowledge and coordination, and then taking what they have learned back to their home clubs.

During school-holiday times, and also on various weekends and normal working days, football camps ranging between one and five days in duration are available. The academy or camps take place at the Deutsche Bank Park, or at the local sports facilities of their respective towns or cities.

Adults also can have the opportunity to enjoy training sessions with former Bundesliga players, during corporate and sponsor’s events.

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Director: Karl-Heinz Körbel