Fan services

The fan services department is made up of fan representatives and disabled fan representatives, plus the honorary fan services team members and the reporters for the visually impaired.

Fan liaison officers

Intermediaries and organisers of fan interests

The nomination of at least two full-time fan liaison officers is a compulsory requirement stipulated by the DFL in its licensing procedure. Marc Francis, Andi Roth, Clemens Schäfer, Julian Schneider and Nadine Krämer have been given these positions by Eintracht Frankfurt Fußball AG. Together, they comprise the fan services department, in which they are actively supported by honorary employees. The fan representatives have a wide range of exciting tasks to carry out.

They are present at every match to provide support and representation, and act as the interface between the fans themselves and Eintracht, and also for the people responsible for safety in and around the stadium. Prior to away matches, they are required to ascertain, for example, whether certain objects are allowed into the away fans’ areas, or what the particular conditions are that our fans should be aware of at the match. Our fan representatives also ensure that our players out on the pitch get to enjoy loud, colourful and impressive support, and this aspect of their work also includes the issues of accessibility and inclusivity.

It is also important for the fan liaison officers to strengthen the ties between our fans and our team, be it through independently organised fan meetings and events or via the EFC Christmas party.

In short: wherever our fans are concerned, that is where the fan liaison officers’ work begins.

Nadine Krämer
Fan liaison officer
Clemens Schäfer
Disabled fan liaison officer

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