A series of events aiming to make digital and technology expertise more accessible

Digitalisation in practical terms

The digital transformation is in full swing. Technological developments are appearing thick and fast, and all areas of our lives are becoming more fast-paced, networked and digital. Buzzwords such as digital transformations, innovative business models and new technologies are on everybody’s lips, but what do they actually mean? How do small and medium-sized businesses, major corporations and start-up companies gain the technological edge to set themselves apart from global competition? How does digitalisation work and how is it implemented in practical terms?

Practice-oriented knowledge transfer and networking at a high level

By hosting a series of events with the hashtag #EintrachtDigital, EintrachtTech aims to get to the bottom of current digital issues and provides its partners with a unique communicative platform. Eintracht Frankfurt has set itself the medium-term goal of becoming the most digital club in the Bundesliga and sees itself as a medium-sized company undergoing a digital transformation. Knowledge is shared with partners and its professional network is expanded.

In a joint venture with the Frankfurter TechQuartier, Eintracht has also launched a series of meet-ups entitled “Laptop & Leibchen” (“Laptop & Bib”), which allow technology, digitalisation and start-up enthusiasts to get together, discuss shared interests and connect with one another.

Photos from previous events

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