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Club Organization

The General Assembly is the Highest Authority at the Club. The Odinary General Meeting is Held Annually Soon After the Presentation of the Annual Financial Statements, But No Later Than Within Eight Months of the End of the Financial Year.

It decides on the fundamental tasks and objectives of the club, has the sole right to decide on statute amendments, changes to the purpose of the club as well as the dissolution of the club, and grants discharge to the individual members of the executive committee and the supervisory board. A simple majority of votes cast is sufficient for any resolutions to be adopted. Tied votes count as a rejection. However, resolutions concerning statute amendments require a two-thirds majority to be passed.

General assembly 2019

Tasks and procedure

Every four years, the general assembly elects the president at the suggestion of the supervisory board and the election committee. Every four years, in accordance with the club statutes, the supervisory board and the honorary board are newly appointed, as well as three auditors and six members for the election committee. The annual agenda includes the president’s reports, the other bodies of the club and the subsidiaries, through which the members are informed about the past financial year and current developments concerning the club. In addition, every ordinary member has the right to submit written, reasoned motions for the agenda, which must be submitted at least six weeks before the assembly.

Eintracht President Peter Fischer

Extraordinary members assembly

There is a distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary general assembly. An extraordinary assembly of members must be called by the executive committee without delay when a resolution of the executive committee or a motion of the supervisory board, the advisory board or the honorary board has been submitted, or if at least five percent of the members with voting rights have requested such a meeting. The subject of the agenda can only be items that have led to its convocation. It is possible at the extraordinary general assembly to vote out a member of the supervisory board, the honorary board, an auditor or a member of the election committee elected by the general assembly.